We play both TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN MUSIC.  The traditional music is largely based on ancient melodies and poly-rhythms originally played on the mbira.

In this music style, each piece is composed of several repetitive interlocking patterns.  A lead storyline or melody is playing on top of these patterns.  The result is a complex, dynamic interplay that is exhilarating and deeply moving.  The contemporary music is drawn from African and North American sources, including Zimbabweans living in the United States and Europe as well as the larger marimba community in the western US and Canada.

The annual Zimbabwean music festival Zimfest, is an inspiration for our band and the many peopled drawn to African music and dance.  In Bellingham, a number of marimba bands play (or played) this music including Juba Marimba, Sweet Pumpkins, Mhuri Marimba Ensemble, The Big Bad Monkeys, Ruvara Marimba Ensemble, Kuva and Kuungana.

The ensemble of instruments creates music that is exciting to listen to.. and wonderful for dancing!  The music has a universal quality that appeals to all ages and backgrounds.




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